Miles Shattuck

miles on the wall.png

I love telling stories with relevant and compelling content. So after one of Oregon's largest layoffs in recent history, I enrolled at Portland State University to pursue a Marketing degree. I picked up a Project Management Certificate and a Digital Marketing Certificate along the way. I also love to learn.

My skills include creative writing, project management, and video production. I'm excited about my career transition and I look forward to leveraging my mix of creative, technical, and analytical skills in a fun and collaborative marketing environment. 

•I'm interested in using content marketing to help businesses grow

•I analyze data to implement strategies that move us forward

•I collaborate and influence beyond the scope of my role

•To me, EQ is more important than IQ

I’m always looking for new connections and collaborators. If I can’t help you I may know someone who can. Drop me a line if you want to connect.