S1E5: Rebranding Gen-X, Coolhunting, Movie Soundtracks in Music

College students today are being taught that Generation X is "the forgotten generation".

In this episode, I explain why, when it comes to job prospects and career advancement for Gen-X, "reality bites". I propose a rebranding of Gen-X based not on the generation's perceived lack of influence and underrepresentation in popular culture and sociology, but on its contributions and its historical significance. After all, Gen-X is the last generation to know the world before the internet took over.

Is X really the generation that time forgot? Not anymore. 


rebranding gen-x
  1. Do you know Steve Spatz?
  2. Demonstration of how a soundtrack from classic black and white film The Day The Earth Stood Still is featured in a track from German-born DJ (and fellow Gen-Xer), Timo Maas.
  3. Cool hunting, featuring a clip from Frontline: The Merchants of Cool
  4. The Generation X predicament
  5. Excerpt from Jeff Gordinier's book, X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft But Can Still Keep Everything from Sucking
  6. What will 'privacy' really mean for future generations, after the Baby Boomers and Generation X pass on?


  1. Help Me by Timo Maas
  2. So Easy by Royksopp
  3. No Role Model by J-Cole

Please note two corrections to my comments regarding yearly spending per generation. The correct numbers are:

  1. Millennials: approx. $200 billion 
  2. Gen-X: approx. $125 billion

Recorded at KPSU Portland's College Radio on May 4, 2017

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